This segment of the Mountain Parkway Expansion is proposed to extend from U.S. 460 in Salyersville to KY 404 in Prestonsburg. The preferred option would be to construct a new, cross-country route. This preferred option would cause fewer disruptions and property impacts to homes and businesses versus expanding the parkway along the current KY 114 corridor.

Project Description

  • The project would extend the Mountain Parkway from U.S. 460 in Salyersville to KY 404 in Prestonsburg as a four-lane, limited access parkway to improve safety, mobility and connectivity.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and its project team are refining plans for the 13-mile-long cross-country option, including the precise location for the proposed roadway.

KYTC and its partners are now collecting detailed environmental and geotechnical information from the cross-country corridor in eastern Magoffin County and Floyd County. Residents will likely see field survey, geotechnical and environmental staff in the area.

During this process, KYTC will identify any properties that might be affected by the preferred cross-country roadway project. Once those potential impacts are known, individual property owners will be notified. KYTC expects to have a public informational meeting for the Magoffin-Floyd segment in early 2023 to show the potential roadway location and specific impacts. Property owners will be contacted prior to that meeting.

As part of the National Historic Preservation Act, an individual may participate as a consulting party to help inform decisionmakers on historic resources in the area, and how those resources could be affected by the project. Those interested in participating in this process should apply on the KYTC website:

When decisions on the route and construction timetables have been finalized, that information will be shared with the public on this website, on the Mountain Parkway Expansion’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and through local media. The construction timeline for this segment depends on funding to be allocated by the Kentucky General Assembly.

Magoffin-Floyd Segment Map