Length: 46-mile expansion of the Mountain Parkway

• 30 miles of existing parkway widened to four lanes (Campton to Salyersville)
• 16 miles of additional parkway constructed/expanded to four lanes (Salyersville to Prestonsburg)

Investment: State and federal partnership

• Kentucky investing mix of state and federal road fund dollars
• $40 million in cost-savings design changes identified by KYTC and project team
• $24 million in additional federal funding from competitive TIGER grant
• $55 million in additional federal funding from competitive INFRA grant

Schedule: 66% of the project completed or underway by 2020

• Initial construction began near Salyersville in early 2015
• 5.7 miles of existing parkway widened 2014-2016 (Magoffin County Central)
• 2.4 miles widened 2016-2019 (Salyersville Restaurant Row)
• 12.8 miles under construction 2017-2022 (Morgan County and Magoffin County West)
• 11 miles scheduled to be under construction 2022-2027 (Wolfe County)
• Remaining work dependent on availability to state and federal funding

Impact: Completes a 400-mile, four-lane, high-speed corridor from Paducah to Pikeville

• Improves safety with wider roads and modern interchanges
• Creates greater connectivity between Eastern Kentucky and the rest of the Commonwealth
• Expands opportunity for economic development and job creation throughout the Appalachian region
• Supports the comprehensive approach of former Governor Steve Beshear’s SOAR initiative for Eastern Kentucky

Project Segments:

Wolfe County segment (11 miles) – MM 45.8 to 56.8
Morgan County segment (8.2 miles) – MM 56.8 to 65
Magoffin County West segment (4.6 miles) – MM 65 to 69.6
Magoffin County Central segment (5.7 miles) –MM 69.6 to 75.3
Salyersville Restaurant Row segment (2.4 miles) – MM 75.3 to 77.7
KY 114 segment (14 miles) – US 460 to KY 404 in Prestonsburg